NightSky Studios

We are officially announcing the closure of all operations for Nightsky Studios. We're doing this as we are progressing towards better things, and are migrating to a whole new organization.

We have started a new website, and brand, known as "RendoSoft Studios"

And we were planning to use this website as a way for us to produce online media, such as Videos, and Short Films.

However, we realized, We had this all along.

Nightsky Studios will now be known as:

TimeWisely Productions

- Where we will create media for all channels, like:

- TimeWisely

- TimeWisely 4 Kidz

- TimeWisely Shorts

- TimeWisely ESP

so, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

We have been doing this for roughly 4/5 years, to an official, and semi-unofficial capacity. We were producing content like music, websites, software, and a whole lot more. But we seek more of a venture, which is why we make this announcement now. Thank you greatly for everything you guys have done for us.

- Chloe